I wanted to share with you the amazing physical benefits I recently received after attending your Stretch & Surrender yoga class.  For over 2 years I have been dealing with pain in my shoulders, particularly on the left side.  It came on at a time that I was participating in CrossFit classes, but I am sure that I was holding onto some grief related to my childhood as well.  This pain prevented me from lifting my arms over my head, especially when in a side angle or twist on the floor.  In this particular class, you used Yin Yoga to help break up the fascia in the shoulders and upper back which also brought about an emotional release for me.  I left your class feeling lighter, and then noticed the next day that the usual moves that caused my shoulder pain no longer hurt.  And that healing has stayed with me ever since.  You are a talented teacher and I cannot thank you enough!

– Dawn

I met Deana in September 2011 at a teacher training class. I picked up on her positive energy and warmth immediately. While working with Deana I don’t have to worry about being my true self; and I know that deep down I have a valued friend at my side, watching my back. She is always helping ME, take care of ME. She has taught me real compassion, and how to love myself once again. My life has changed.

– R.M.

A testimonial for Deana Bacon

It all started w/ my neighbor, I consider him to be an angel that came into my husband’s life about 10 years ago, one sunny day. Our neighbor was singing the praises of Deana. My husband then began to see Deana, and with his recommendations, I soon followed suit.
Deana has a kind and loving style that puts you at ease. With her guidance and expertise, I have a more loving and intimate relationship w/ my husband.
I can say after 35 years of marriage, our marriage is on solid ground. We work together w/ Deana to maintain the “courtship model” on a daily basis.
Her style working w/ couples has helped me see how some of the negative patterns I had carried forward from childhood- were negatively impacting my life and my marriage.
I attend a weekly group therapy session facilitated by Deana that deepens my understanding of myself and how I operate in my work, in my marriage., my friendships and as a Parent of Adult children.
I am very grateful for all I have learned from Deana, I continue to benefit from the depth of her knowledge.
For anyone looking for quality love relationships, I would take the time and make the investment to work w/ Deana.

– Anonymous

Working with Deana is probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have learned so much from her already and I continue to learn each time i see her. She has taught me how to grow, how to deal with life’s obstacles, and how to be a better person. It has been an awesome experience and without Deana I don’t know where I would be today.
– Britty

Deana is an amazingly gifted Reiki practitioner. After several years of psychotherapy work with Deana, I decided to try Reiki and incorporate it into my current practice. During my first Reiki session, I felt an immediate emotional release that I had not been able to achieve previously with traditional psychotherapy. After continued Reiki work, I have achieved an increase in healthy self-love and willingness to be more intimate in my love relationships. I generally feel more relaxed and have begun to develop visualization skills that help me on a daily basis. I highly recommend Deana as a Reiki practitioner and encourage others to try it for themselves.
– Dawn S.

The most enlightening element of my life goes by the name of Deana Bacon. My life only started to make sense the day I walked into Deana’s office – and believe me, at the time, I had no idea how much sense things were about to make. I didn’t know how lucky I would be in years to come. Lucky because there’s not a person on this Earth that could have created the positive transformation in my soul as Deana has. I walked in that office as an angry, guilt-fueled woman, confused and sad. Four and a half years later I look back on that day feeling an enormous amount of gratitude and appreciation toward Deana for helping me to see the kind, compassionate, loving woman I really am. The mantra Deana has created in my life is COMPASSION, AWARENESS, LOVE. I’ve never felt more justified in my feelings, more compassion toward myself and others, and most of all more love for myself and the important people in my life. I’ve never had more honest friendships, more fullfilling love relationships, and more intimate moments with the people who matter most in my life. The most significant of all of these elements lies within myself. The capacity for giving and receiving love in ways I could never do before Deana, and the deeper understanding of myself and my determinants is inexplicable. The self-awareness I have gained through my work with Deana is astounding. Every day is a step toward a healthier me and the woman I have to thank for that is Deana. There’s not a person in the world that I wouldn’t recommend Deana Bacon to.– Jordan

When I think back to the person I was before I met Deana, I am blown away by the amount of changes that have occurred. I was a depressed and insecure woman who thought that what she wanted and what she needed didn’t matter. I thought that my value as a person was measured by what others thought of me or what I could do for them. If I took care of everyone else’s needs they would have to love me. Much to my surprise, that is not the way to earn love. The way to earn love truly is to love yourself first. Once you can do that, the rest will fall in to place. Deana has helped me connect with the woman I really am. I am happy to say that I am more in touch with my true authentic self than ever before. This has helped strengthen my self-concept, my relationships and my career.

I would like to take this opportunity to share part of my story with you.

I first started seeing Deana when I wanted to learn more about why I was having such difficulties with relationships. At the time, I was “in love” with a man who was a close friend. However, he would never love me the way I loved him. And for anyone who has been there, you know how heart-wrenching that can be. I was anxious and depressed and not taking care of myself. What I wanted/needed did not matter because all that mattered was him. And although I claimed to “love” him, I was also starting to resent him. And that anger was consuming me in a way that I was finding it difficult to function. Thankfully, a friend referred me to Deana in hopes that she might be able to help me. She was right! In working with Deana I was able to learn more about the true origins of my anger and to understand that being attracted to an unavailable man was not taking good care of myself. It took a lot of work, but I am happy to say that with Deana’s help I was able to make healthy changes in my life. I was able to preserve the friendship that I had with this man while also pursuing other romantic opportunities that would give me the love that I deserved.

On a professional note, I am a licensed independent clinical social worker and I remember a professor who said that you cannot be a good clinician unless you have done your own therapy. At the time I did not appreciate what he meant by that. But as I have become more seasoned, I now understand his message. My practice and my knowledge of human behavior are deeper because of my own therapy. The lessons I have learned from Deana have allowed me to be more patient, empathetic and thoughtful when working with my clients and their families. Change is a process, and it takes time. I have learned that it is my responsibility to allow my clients the time and the space to allow such change to occur. And it is thru my own therapy that I have developed such a deep appreciation for this phenomenon.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to speak here today. And I also want to thank you, Deana for all that you have done for me– Anonymous

I want to tell you how much you mean to me. As I take some time this week and reflect on the past year, and look ahead to the year to come, me heart is warmed by the thought of how much love there is in my life. The biggest reason for that is you and how you have helped me grow.
I have a marriage that is an intimate partnership, a mutually supportive and loving relationship of a depth that I never thought I could have. I have found that I can laugh and cry with my wife with genuine emotion and vulnerability. We can pull each other up the mountain, and enjoy the view together. I have never had this. And best of all, I recognize that I can work to make my relationship with my wife better, stronger and more intimate. All of this is because of you and all that you have taught me.
I am a son and brother in a way I have never before been; stronger, more independent and less concerned with pleasing my family. And best of all, I recognize that I can become even stronger and more independent with the work I do with you.
I have friendships that are deeper, more meaningful and more rewarding that I have ever had. I do not have to be friends with everyone in my life, and I can choose with whom I want to be close. I can offer more of myself than I ever could, and I can receive more from others than ever before. Thank you for that great gift.
I have a career that is becoming more rewarding than ever, both financially and emotionally. Finally I am able, most days, to go home and leave my career at the office. That is new and so freeing. Thank you for helping me so much with my work life.
Best of all, Deana, I love myself. For most of my life I did not. Now, I have hard days like anyone else, but in my core I am starting to see my innocence and believe in it. I know I am a good man, who is worthy of love and who can love others. I can look at myself in the mirror and smile. And the sweetest gift is that I know that I have the means to grow that love for myself, through my work with you and the tools you have given me.
I hope truly that you and your family enjoy a peaceful and rewarding holiday, filled with love and serenity. And thank you, for being who you are and for helping me discover and love who I am.
– Ernie Stone

Working with Deana over the past eight years has been such a privilege. I came to her at the encouragement of a very dear friend who knew that I was struggling and needed to make some changes. At the time I had no idea what that meant, but eight years later I can say that every hour, every dollar and every tear have been worth it. I am proud to say that I have made some positive changes over the years and Deana has been there every scary step of the way. Giving me hugs, tissues and even a gentle push along the way. I encourage anyone who is thinking of working with Deana to stop thinking and just do it! You won’t regret it!– RD

Deana came into my life at a crucial time. On the outside, my life appeared to be perfect, but on the inside, I felt sad and confused. I couldn’t understand why my “perfect life” was not enough to keep me happy. Through my work with Deana, I learned that the key to happiness is not to strive for a perfect lifestyle but rather, to truly love oneself. Deana has helped me to gain confidence, self-awareness, and an inner strength that brings me closer every day to the happiness I was seeking. Deana is compassionate, caring, dedicated and a professional. Her knowledge and skill has helped me to learn to love myself as I am, and I am very grateful to have her in my life.– Anonymous

Two years ago, after many changes in my life, I was introduced to Deana Bacon. Deana is warm and kind person with a true passion for improving quality of life. Her teachings have helped me to take better care of myself, to improve my communication and relationships, and to help me understand my behaviors more clearly. Today, I am more congnocente about my personality, and how it impacts me on a daily basis. She has truly helped me recogonize what I value most.– Anonymous

I recommend Deana Bacon to anyone who wants their life to be better. I tried several therapists and programs. Deana is the first person who I felt not just listened, but heard me. She has helped me know myself, and my place in the world. In short, she gives me the strength and hope to make mine a great life.– Anonymous

I have had several therapists in my life and none of them compare to Deana Bacon. My life has changed in so many ways. Deana is compassionate, kind and caring. I have a photo of myself prior to starting my therapy with Deana, and not only has my hard work in therapy changed the way I think, feel and behave. It has changed the way I look..So much happier! Thank you Deana!– Shelley Powell

Deana Bacon is an exceptionally thoughtful, articulate and experienced psychotherapist who utilizes her notable clinical skills, compassion and humor in her work. Her guidance has led me through a daunting maze of obstacles as I have searched for happiness in my life. My ability to treat my spouse, children and myself well has exponentially increased with what I’ve learned while working with her. I credit her with saving my marriage and teaching me that I am an intelligent and worthwhile person. I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate for having hired her as my therapist and have recommended her to others without hesitation.– Anonymous

Deana Bacon has helped me to see that I am a good man, that I am worthy of love just for who I am. Through my work with her, I have learned how to make my life richer and more rewarding, and how to have relationships that are genuine, intimate and supportive. Those are gifts without price, that few can give. I cannot recommend her highly enough.– Anonymous

Deana Bacon has helped me to see that I am a good man, that I am worthy of love just for who I am. Through my work with her, I have learned how to make my life richer and more rewarding, and how to have relationships that are genuine, intimate and supportive. Those are gifts without price, that few can give. I cannot recommend her highly enough.– Anonymous

Over the last several years I have developed a deep trust of Deana that has allowed me to make many positive changes in my life– on all levels- mental, spiritual and physical that I would not have thought possible. Life is a journey and a continual process of growth and I feel extremely fortunate and have tremendous gratitude to have Deana in my life as one of my teachers on this journey.– Anonymous

My life has improved in many ways thanks to the work I’ve done with Deana Bacon. Professionally, I’ve been able to better advocate for myself resulting in a good promotion and a significant increase in salary. Personally, I’ve become more in tune with my body and am better able to take care of myself in terms of diet and exercise, rest and the way I utilize leisure time. My friendships have become richer and my relationship with my parents is much more to my liking – I can enjoy what they have to offer without feeling obliged to please them at my own expense.
I find Deana an invaluable resource and a powerful ally, and I bet you will too!– Anonymous

Deana Bacon has had a profoundly positive impact in my adult life. She’s the first person that has convinced me I can live without constant suffering. Deana helps me understand and navigate my life challenges and encourages me to celebrate my successes. I thought I had to trudge through life with trauma and old childhood pain and endure negative environments and unhealthy relationships. With her gentle guidance and nurturing process I’ve been able to uncover the truth about my genuine goodness. I better understand how I operate to make sense of the world. As I continue to work with Deana I become a more enlightened and authentic person living an enriched life.– Anonymous

Deana Bacon is one of the most caring, compassionate, empathetic people I have had the pleasure to meet. Her devotion to her craft is unparalleled. Deana has been an integral part of my health and well being. She has helped me to transform my relationships with my wife, children and family. Deana’s ability to help me see that I am caring, compassionate and empathetic has changed me. Deana has helped me live a richer, more rewarding life then I ever thought possible.”– Anonymous

Deana has been a tremendous help in my life. I have grown and learned so much about relationships, how to better handle myself, and how to improve my overall mental health. Through my therapy with Deana, I have been able to gain more intimate and rewarding love relationships and friendships, improved in my career, and have a better understanding of myself. I would recommend Deana to anyone. Her caring, compassionate and thoughtful demeanor help me feel comfortable sharing my innermost feelings with her so I can learn and grow. Without Deana’s help, I would be in a very different place in my life. Thank you Deana!– Anonymous

Deana has been instrumental in improving my overall quality of life. She has helped me in both my personal and professional life. Through a thoughtful, compassionate and sincere process, Deana has helped me gain increased self esteem, significantly improved self awareness and helped guide me to a better physical and mental place.
I cannot thank Deana enough for her tutelage and support. I highly recommend her to anyone with a desire to change their life for the better.– JS

I have been fortunate to work with Deana for many years. She has provided guidance, support, love and compassion along the way. I am indebted to Deana for helping me find my way out of a dark place. I highly recommend Deana for psychotherapy. She is extremely intuitive, insightful, down to earth and compassionate. My life has improved immensely since I have been working with her.– SL

I first met Deana in 1997. I was 26 yrs old. At that time in my life I was struggling with a long time illness, trying to run a business, my Dad was dying of cancer, and my love relationship was in complete turmoil. My friendships were far and in between. I think my friends were sick of trying to help me. They told me I really benefit from talking to a professional. I felt insulted. Until one day I felt like I was crazy. I had a complete breakdown. I felt as though my life was at a dead end. No one to turn to, my friends were sick of listening to me. I felt like I had no one. I wanted to leave town and never return. Even yet, sad to say now, but dying didn’t sound too bad. I was seriously depressed. I quickly picked up the phone, calling anyone until someone answered. A women answered and said she could not take me but could highly recommend someone for me to call. She referred me to Deana. Deana took me that day and I have been working with her ever since. I can honestly say it took me that one session to feel better; to feel like there was hope; to feel like wow maybe I am not crazy! On this journey with Deana… I must say it has not always been easy. Sometimes the truth hurts, however I learned quickly that by being true to yourself and to others, is the only way to be happy. I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have someone like Deana in my life! She has helped me in everyway! I would highly recommend Deana Bacon. She is hard working, well educated, sophisticated, honest, caring ,compassionate, and has a huge desire to help anyone that walks through her door to live a good life. Gratitude Deana Bacon!!!– Anonymous